The Writings of Gabriela Garcia Medina

February 18, 2010

A Late Night Contemplation

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I have forgotten that the world is smiling

That my dreams don’t fit through any doorway

And my spirit shines brighter than the sun

I have forgotten what it is like to love

And have adopted cynicism as my coping mechanism

I have forgotten that strangers are open

And friends are available

That poetry is therapeutic

And that prayer is healing

The spark in my heart has dimmed to a flicker

Trauma now blankets my fears

And isolation is the only place I find solace

The sky is not weeping yet I see no sunshine

The path is clear

Yet I stand stagnant, stuck, still, uncertain

waiting for something that isn’t coming

I am lost in the translation of my own identity

I am not who I believed I was

And I am not who I wanted to be

But I am human, genuine, beautiful

Authentically confused

Uniquely disturbed

And daringly open to smiling again.

Writing again.

Living again.

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